Fisherman dies after throat slashed by cousin at birthday celebration

Dead: Reaz Mohamed called “Boye”

A 25-year-old fisherman is now dead after his throat was slit by his cousin during a birthday celebration on Sunday at D’Edward Village, West Bank Berbice (WBB).
Dead is Reaz Mohamed called “Boye”, a father of two of Lot 1 Section A D’Edward Village, WBB.
Police said that the incident occurred at about 18:30h.
Investigations have so far revealed that the family was celebrating a birthday on Saturday and continued the party on Sunday.
Mohamed reportedly became disorderly when the music was shut off and started breaking drinking glasses.
His father, Farook Mohamed, attempted to calm him but it is alleged that the dead man instead directed his anger at his father. His uncle then intervened and they attempted to restrain the younger Mohamed.
At that point, he continued his unruly behaviour, resulting in his cousin whipping out a knife and slitting his throat.
The dead man’s sister explained that the suspect was not pleased by the fact that the celebrations were coming to an end.
According to her, the celebrations were held at her house, which doesn’t have electricity connected.
As such, she ran a drop cord from a neighbour’s house in order to get electricity. The woman explained that after all visitors had left, her cousin remained and was dancing.
When she passed the instruction for the drop cord to be unplugged, the younger Mohamed objected and she allowed him to have the music for a bit longer.
The woman related that after some time elapsed, she finally ordered that the drop cord be unplugged and again this did not go down well with her now dead brother. It was then that he began to behave disorderly, which led to the confrontation.
The Police were summoned and they took the man to the Fort Wellington Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.
Police have since said that the suspect is on the run and as they continue their search for him. (G4)