Fixing… COP and (PNC) angst

Opposition Leader Norton’s using his legal myrmidon to wage a rearguard action against President Ali’s appointment of Hicken as Commissioner of Police. He forgets that this particular myrmidon just happens to be the protége of the man he threw out as Opposition Leader, and it’s quite possible that he might be getting set up for a fall!! Of which the same myrmidon might very well be chosen to take his place!! Ah…the intrigues of polititricks!!
Norton’s been joined by several other worthies from the Opposition camp to challenge the appointment. HIS argument started out with: “…the Public Service Rule state that acting appointments must be given to the most senior officer. Based on the current structure and line of statutory succession, Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Williams remains the next in line. Mr Clifton Hicken is an Assistant Commissioner, and therefore is junior in rank to Williams.”
Problem is, when Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud retired, the most senior officer in the GPF was David Ramnarine, followed by Clifton Hicken. Then President Granger bypassed these two officers and appointed four Deputy Commissioners – including Paul Williams – and a Commissioner, Leslie James; ALL of whom were juniors to Ramnarine and Hicken. Hicken had therefore been wrongfully pipped by Williams, and President Ali was merely rectifying a historic wrong!!
Granger justified his appointment of Leslie James as COP – while overlooking Ramnarine, who had acted in that capacity for several months – thusly: “I relied very heavily on the advice I got from the PSC, so as far as the selection process is concerned, I can justify my decisions, and I am sure the Chairman of the Commission can also justify his recommendations.” The Chairman of the PSC just happened (!!) to be Paul Slowe, whom he had just appointed!! As usual, the Sanctimonious Gangster just loved to advise HIMSELF!!
But President Ali’s authority was affirmed by no other than another Police Critic, former Asst Commissioner of Police Clinton Conway, recently: “The appointment of Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners of Police is the sole authority of the President. Art 211 (1) of the Constitution of Guyana states, ‘The Commissioner of Police and every Deputy Commissioner of Police shall be appointed by the President acting after meaningful consultation with the Leader of the Opposition and Chairperson of the Police Service Commission after the Chairperson has consulted with other members of the Commission.” It is pellucid that the President does not have to get agreement with anyone, including the Police Service Commission, to appoint a Commissioner of Police or Deputy Commissioners.” (!!)
So, the other tact taken by Norton has been to challenge the legitimacy of the Public Service Commission.
He “tryin’ another t’ing”!!!

…on Roads
There’s the old cliché “a picture is worth a thousand words”. But the pic in one of the dailies of the roads in Tuschen was actually worth a book. A book that exposes the dangerous lies that some Opposition social media miscreants (SMM) are spreading to “undermine” the Government – but in the process are ripping our country apart. Right after the PM took that band of Ministers to listen to the problems of their community, the SMM were giving it their (divisive) spin. “Only African village streets are so decrepit, and it’s because the illegal PPP cabal want Afro Guyanese “at the bottom of the ladder”!!
But the pic of Tuschen’s streets shows a scene of even more desolation and neglect – and the interviews that accompanied it revealed a tale of such official indifference as to be criminal. And a Govt Minister lives there?? The point, of course, is that Tuschen has a majority of Indo-Guyanese.
So, if anything, it showed the PPP to be an equal-opportunity discriminator!!

…Uitvlugt Sugar Factory
The mechanical breakdown caused by a damaged gear forced the Uitvlugt factory’s closure since March. The question when it gets going again is whether it’ll be able to produce sugar at a competitive price!!
Never did…never will!!