Flawed system in reissuing of uniform

Dear Editor,
I read about the ex-cop who committed a robbery and was dressed in Police uniform. During my service in the Police Force until the late seventies, we were issued with two sets of uniform and boots on a yearly basis. You were not required to hand in the old ones. On departing the Force, you only had to return two sets of uniform and boots along with other miscellaneous items that go with it. When I resigned to migrate to Canada, I had excess shirts, pants and boots which I gave to rice farmers who requested them from me to use on the farm.
I always think it was a flawed system in the reissuing of uniform. I always think that the old uniform should be returned before the issuing of any new ones. I do not know if the procedure remains the same, if so, changes must be made because there might be more ex-cops committing robberies.
I hope the new Minister reads this article and takes appropriate action.

With regards,
Kenneth C Singh