Flooding and our priorities

Dear Editor,
The recent flooding is a stark reminder that we must revisit our priorities, and ensure they remain at the top of the to-do list. Reduction of food costs, new roads, and other items being discussed as a high priority would never be sustainably achieved if flooding continues to displace citizens, shut down the economy, and expose our citizens to the health hazards that dirty water brings.
Such a record-breaking budget in quantity, yet the quality of living of our citizens is thrown aside quite quickly when the rains and high tides cause flooding. It is time we restructure the budget to ensure that the mitigation of flooding is funded appropriately and acted upon quickly by the Ministry responsible for infrastructure.
It is nice to have a new road to alleviate traffic, but it is a must to have good sea defences and drainage infrastructure to prevent flooding. After all, the roads will be useless when flooded, unless we use the fishing boats as transportation.
His Excellency Dr Jagan, who is our founding leader, was clear when he said, “We cannot have a Cadillac-style living with donkey cart economies”. The constant flooding has made it obvious to all that the donkey cart economy is still in place.
It is time to be practical with a strong dose of reality.

With concern,
Jamil Changlee