Florida-Guyana Hope bringing their game & relief

For the third year running Florida-Guyana Hope, a non for profit organization based in Florida USA will collaborate with Regal Stationery and Computer Centre for a series of charity events throughout Guyana and a feature cricket match at Crabwood Creek.
The group which comprises of Guyanese that are now living in Florida, got together to accumulate resources to assist members of the Guyanese society who may need a helping hand. Since the majority of the Florida-Guyana Hope membership originally hailed from Corriverton a lot of the relief efforts are centered in that area.
On Sunday, the kind-heated gentlemen will match their skills against a Corriverton United Select team in an exhibition softball cricket match for bragging rights and fun at the Crabwood Creek Sports Complex from 12 noon. Following the game, a grand donation of 40 wheel chairs and 20 walking aids will be made.
In addition to the donation, the visitors will be spreading cheer to at least four Children’s Home around the county including West Demerara, East Coast Demerara and in Georgetown.
Some members of the Florida-Guyana Hope organization include President Mohamed Yassin, Vice President Rajroop Ramkellawan (Bowie), Treasurer Raj Bharat, Secretary Guru Shivram and officers Anthony Dhannie and Buddy Rampersaud some of whom will be part of the activities over the next few days.
Other than charity work, the versatile Guyanese are very active on the field. In February this year, they played in the South Florida Softball Cricket League organized Florida Cup and despite not winning the tournament they won many hearts.

Lots of attention were on Florida-Guyana Hope during the Florida Softball Cup in February

However, they have their fair share of troubles too. While preparations were on going for the annual trip to Guyana, some members were severely affected when hurricane Irma hit Florida and caused widespread damages. Yet, they decided to continue with the planned visit to help those in need.
For the cricket match on Sunday, Florida-Guyana Hope members will be joined by friends including Mahendra Hardyal of Regal Stationery, Steve Narain of Steve’s Jewellery, Atif Khan of M and J Khan Grocery and Guyana Times Sport Editor, John Ramsingh with the aim of making their side a more balanced one.
Teams for Sunday’s cricket match are; Corriverton United James Hart (captain), Vibert Dan (Vice-captain), Anthony Seeraj, Michael Dan, Lawrence Mentis, Raymond Lowenfield, Hassan Mohamed, Mirza Ally, Patrick Mentis, Zafrul Khan, Vishal Persaud, Fabian Seerraj, Akash Lutchman and Orin George. Vishnu Hardyal is the Manager.
Florida-Guyana Hope; Anthony Dhannie (captain), Mahendra Hardyal (vice-captain), Raj Bharat, Jai Sahadeo, Pancho Samsundar, Butchu Kowlessar, Atif Khan, Rajin Ramkarran, Steve Narain, John Ramsingh. The Manager is Mohammed Yassin and Buddy Rampersaud is the Assistant Manager.