Fmr Policewoman Bollers now files private assault charges against Nirvan Singh

…Singh granted $100,000 bail

Attorney-at-Law Nirvan Singh was granted bail in the sum of $100,000 for allegedly “unlawfully and maliciously assaulting” former Police Constable Shawnette Bollers.

Attorney-at-Law Nirvan Singh

The private criminal charge of assault brought against him by Bollers was read to him on Friday at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.
Bollers alleged that on May 20 at Middle and Cummings Streets, Georgetown, Singh unlawfully and maliciously assaulted her, contrary to Section 21 of the Summary Jurisdiction (Offences) Act.
Singh, who appeared before Senior Magistrate Leron Daly, will return to court on July 6.

Director of Public Prosecution, Shalimar Ali-Hack, SC

Bollers had previously filed private criminal charges pursuant to Section 2 of the Racial Hostility Act against Singh but this was annulled by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Shalimar Ali-Hack, SC last month as she is empowered to do by Article 187 of the Constitution. She explained that the factual matrix did not satisfy the elements of the charge brought under the Racial Hostility Act.
Bollers has since instituted civil proceedings against Singh. In her defamation lawsuit filed at the Demerara High Court, she is seeking $150M in damages. She argues that the words uttered by Singh, in their natural and ordinary meaning, were understood to mean that she was not a human being, and by extension, not worthy of recognition for her humanity or human dignity.

Ex Policewoman Shawnette Bollers during her recent protest activity outside the DPP’s Office

It is assumed that Bollers would have used the same matrix of facts in her charge of assault as she did under the Racial Histility Act.
She had alleged that Singh approached her and chased her off of his father, former Chancellor of the Judiciary and Chief Justice, retired Judge Carl Singh’s, property where she was conducting security duties, forcing her to abandon her post. She had complained that in chasing her, the lawyer spoke to her in an “aggressive and loud manner” while hurling several racist remarks at her. In so doing she alleged that he spat on her. She said the tirade lasted for about 14 minutes, after which she left the scene and walked a couple of miles to another location in Georgetown in the dark of night alone.
But Singh, in a letter to the editor, had refuted the allegations, stating, “I wish to say that the racist conduct of which I am accused in no way reflects my philosophy or personal values. More importantly, it would be an indictment on my parents and elders, given their efforts to ensure that my upbringing would produce in me a person of the highest moral, ethical, and professional conduct”.