Focus on issue, and not the individual

Dear Editor,
The current situation that involves the Teachers’ Union and the Ministry of Education is spiralling out of control. It is irresponsible for any one individual to place at risk the lives of thousands due to a personal choice that clearly increases the level of risk in our schools. This is on par with an individual who has unprotected sex during the height of an AIDS epidemic. Yes, it is personal choice, but the risks are significant.
Our Minister of Education and her Ministry do what is best for the entire educational system. Not everyone has to agree with the approach, but adherence is necessary in the absence of the proposal of a better solution. The focus of any protest or discussion should always be the issue, and not the individual, unless the individual is the issue. In this case, the vaccine and the protection of the children and staff is the issue being debated. Personal attacks on those that serve our country are uncalled for, and should be frowned upon.
If some individuals are opposed to taking the vaccine, then testing becomes necessary for ensuring no breach of the containment and prevention of the virus entering the school system.
The other option is for all those parents and teachers who are opposed to this process to put forward a solution that works for both perspectives, such as a dedicated school for the unvaccinated and those refusing to be vaccinated, or 100% remote and online education. We must remember that everyone is trying to stay safe and do what is best for their families and those under their responsibility.
Be safe and stay well.

Jamil Changlee