Food vendor robbed in home invasion

A 42-year-old food vendor was left in a state of shock on Thursday evening when a gunman walked into her home, after a door was left ajar, and demanded that she hand over her valuables.
The woman told Police that she came face-to-face with the armed man at about 20:00h on Thursday at her home at Wisroc Housing Scheme, Linden, Region Ten (Upper Demerara–Upper Berbice), and was immediately startled.
Reports are that the victim, who lives alone, was in her home cooking, while her front patio door was left partially open, when she observed the male, who had tied a red handkerchief around his face to cover his nose, mouth and chin, walk in to her home,
brandishing a small silver handgun and demanding money and gold.
According to the Police, the woman told the man that she did not have any money, but he threatened to shoot her.
Shortly after, the suspect used his cellular phone to call an unknown person, and was heard telling the person, “You should ensure you look out carefully out there”.
After ending his call, the perpetrator forced the victim to lie on her bedroom floor while he began to ransack her house. During that time, Police said, the man continued to demand that the woman hand over the money and gold.
After searching for some time, the gunman found the woman’s purse which contained $65,000, which he took before making good his escape through the back door of the house into a dark area.
A report was made to the Wisroc Police Outpost, and an investigation has been launched. (G9)