Foreign Affairs Ministry meets editors on Guyana-Venezuela controversy

The Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation Ministry on Saturday hosted a meeting with editors and producers, focusing on the Guyana-Venezuela border controversy.

Editors of the various news entities at the session on Saturday

At the event, Minister Hugh Todd provided an update of the current status of relations between Guyana and Venezuela while expressing Government’s confidence in a positive outcome for Guyana, as the legal proceedings for the case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) unfolds.
The session allowed for discussions on the issue and guidance was provided by the head table, which comprised of Minister of Foreign Affairs; Minister of Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy; Permanent Secretary, Ambassador Elisabeth Harper; Advisor on Public Relations, Kit Nascimento and Director of Frontiers, Donnette Streete.
Minister McCoy provided insight on Government’s plans for public awareness on the issue and further cited the major role of the various agencies, in aiding the process.
The meeting is one of several engagements that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has undertaken with the aim of involving stakeholders in discussions on the Guyana-Venezuela border controversy.
Previous sessions included a briefing for the wider media and subsequently a meeting with the Private Sector Commission (PSC).