Forked tongue…

One of the few sayings that have entered the English language from the Native Americans is “to speak with a forked tongue”. It means saying one thing and meaning another – to lie through your teeth, in other words. Of course, they are also described as having forked tongues.
Well, how else but “speaking with a forked tongue” can you describe President David Granger, who just said one thing in a letter to his hand-picked Chairman of GECOM – about resolving the constitutional cataclysm Guyana faces, by asking him to schedule elections? For within minutes he writes something completely different to the same man, pulling back his instruction!! Why the forked tongue??
Well, when you compare the two letters – and then consider the actions of the PNC minions after Granger flew off to Cuba for his chemotherapy – the reason jumps right out at you!! In the first letter, Granger refers to the NCM, and in that context asks for elections to be scheduled. Which would mean 90 days after the passing of the NCM on Dec 21, 2018, or March 19, 2019. In the second letter, however, Granger merely tells Patterson that he’s prepared to do whatever it takes for GECOM to be able to conduct “credible” elections!!
You see the forked tongue at work?? As President of Guyana, it’s GRANGER’s duty to dissolve Parliament and call for elections – even though the Constitution might’ve already determined the date through the 90-day rule inherent in successful no-confidence motions. He can’t just fob it off on GECOM, which is supposed to be ALWAYS in a state pf readiness to conduct elections within 3 months! What’s this nonsense about ASKING GECOM when it’ll be ready to hold elections? Is the Constitution to be made an ass? It’s like buying a $100 million Porsche to be able to go from zero to sixty in 6 seconds, and then pressing the gas and asking why it can’t overtake a donkey cart!!
Hey! What was GECOM doing with all those billions – apart from buying radio sets that can’t work?? At the GECOM Commission meeting, the reason for the subterfuge in the “Case of the Forked Tongue President” was revealed. When the PPP Commissioners referred to the first letter and asked that the Commission declare – after much desperate, disparate foot dragging! – how close to March 21 it could hold elections, the PNC Commissioners pulled out the second letter and insisted that the subject should be “house to house” registration!!
Did the President listen to Spike Lee and wanted to “do the right thing”, but the hardliners stepped in and split his tongue in two!??!

You live and you learn. And your Eyewitness is never too old to learn – even though he’s getting long in the tooth. After the subterfuge of the two Presidential letters to the GECOM Chair, the Opposition Leader – who’d been burnt already in a “good faith” meeting with the President on elections scheduling – cried, “Fraudulent behaviour!!” Well who told him to say that!!
The President’s spokesman immediately jumped up on his high horse and exclaimed, “I have never heard anyone level such an accusation against President David Arthur Granger, a Christian man who espouses and practises Christian values; who understands the Bible…all Christians; all people of religion across the world, must recognise that this is an attack on the religion of the President”!! Imagine that!! So once you profess you’re a Christian and go to church, you can’t engage in fraudulent actions??
Even if Burnham might’ve held some unorthodox ideas on religion, wasn’t Hoyte a good church-going Christian who fraudulently rigged the 1985 elections?
Your Eyewitness won’t even mention all those pedophile priests ousted by the Pope!

…Union Leader
Your Eyewitness salutes Trade Union solidarity over RUSAL’s axed 90 workers. But as GAWU’s Komal Chand picketed and protested, did he ask those other unions why they weren’t on the picket lines when 7000 sugar workers were fired?