Forked tongue…

…PNC Govt
The Opposition Leader dubbed the PNC-Government “duplicitous” for their stance on the Appellate Court’s rulings from last week. But isn’t that term redundant? Or more to the point, a “tautology”?? Meaning that the PNC has been so “two faced”, “deceitful” and “double dealing” from its birth that, to Guyanese, they verily are a metaphor for trickery and backstabbing!! As in the riposte to the fella who inveigled his mother to transfer her house to him, and then tossed her into the streets: “Bannuh, yuh like real PNC!!”
Wasn’t Burnham the biggest “anti-colonialists” in the 1953 PPP, who rabidly cussed out the British and helped precipitate their ouster by Churchill. But then turned around and sold out Guyana and his comrades to support the CIA and the Brits by launching a “more moderate” PNC?? And once in power, didn’t they turn around, thumb their noses at the Americans, and joined in the socialist bloc to facilitate sending Cuban troops to Angola??
It’s in the PNC blood…so rigging elections, assassinating opponents, and nationalising private property – even as they boasted about “democracy” — were just giving expressing to their innate nature. Your Eyewitness is more disposed to calling them “forked tongue”, since while that also means saying one thing and meaning another, it evokes the “forked tongue” of snakes, which are known for their treachery — and eagerness to strike! So this latest slimy betrayal merely confirms that Granger – who was there, along with Hamilton Green from the 1960s – is keeping his promise to fulfil the “legacy” of Burnham. Treachery!!
But as citizens of our country, with whom ultimate sovereignty and power lies, it’s our duty to confront the Leviathan whenever and wherever they break our contract with them – as adumbrated in our sacred text, the Constitution. The PNC Govt cannot, on one hand, say they’re now the legitimate Government because the Appellate Court ruled that the NCM needed 34 seats to be passed, and ignore the same court’s ruling that dual citizens cannot sit in the National Assembly!! This is a forked tongue that must be excised!!
Article 155 (1) is clear: “No person shall be qualified for election as a member of the National Assembly who – (a) is by virtue of his own act, under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign power or state…” Carl Greenidge, who qualified for British citizenship as a child, said in January he was waiting for a decision in the High Court to make a decision.
But even though the High Court AND the Appellate Court ruled he was disqualified, he’s now even acted as President and says he’s “waiting on his lawyer”.
PNC forked tongue wagging!!

…on Parliament
In addition to Carl Greenidge, the other dual citizens from the Govt benches are Rupert Roopnaraine and Dominic Gaskin, who all hold British citizenship. And the Govt just announced they’ll all be attending the session in the National Assembly that has been scheduled for April 11. The Opposition, who won’t be attending, have already promised they’ll obey the Constitution and not have any dual citizens as MPs.
Greenidge has raised the issue that, as a child, his “oath of allegiance to a foreign flag” might be questionable…but Justice George in the High Court struck down that point. She showed that merely accepting the foreign passport is constructively an “acknowledgement of allegiance” prohibited by Art 155 (1). The President’s son-in-law, Gaskin, will probably use the same excuse. So what will Roopnaraine’s be??
Some believe that at the April 11 sitting, the PNC benches might try to alter Art 155 (1) that bars dual citizens.
But by Art 164 (1), that’ll need a “majority of all elected members of the Assembly”: 34 votes according to our Appellate Court!! Ha!!

…on bribery
One member of the ERC used his Chronic column to cite Charrandas’s (who’s Hindu) vote in the NCM to point out that the Bible forbids bribery.
Did your Eyewitness miss where it was proven that Charrandas was bribed??