…versus substance with PNC
Your Eyewitness is really getting tired of this political carousel we Guyanese have been on for the past sixty years or so. He’s reminded of that classic 1990s movie with Bill Murray, “Groundhog Day”. You know, the one where he’s a schmuck stuck in a time loop, forced to relive the same experiences every day for god knows how long. In our time loop, Guyana has always been full of “potential” at the beginning of each era, but end up right where we started – down and out, panhandling for our daily bread. You’d think that, like Bill Murray, they’d use the loop to straighten out their act for the greater good, wouldn’t you? But not in our mudland!!
Granger and crew are dangling the prospect of oil starting to flow next year under the noses of John Public, and promising the days of wine and roses are nigh upon us. But think about this: Weren’t we once the largest supplier of bauxite in the world – especially of the refractory grade, which made the kilns that fired the factories of the world?? What did the Guyanese people get from that, except big holes in the ground??
Billions of dollars – American greenbacks, not our Monopoly money – were earned from our gold. What have we got, excepting big lakes of cyanide and polluted rivers?
And let’s not get started with our sugar, when we don’t even have a refinery after 400 years!!
So your Eyewitness is quite jaded about the “black gold” from the bottom of the Atlantic “solving” our dystopian time loop, okay?
Granger has perfected the schtick he expects will make him and his PNC stick around for the foreseeable future. He commits the most blatant excesses in every area of national life to destroy any opposition to his party, but explains them away with his doe-eyed, hang dog look, which his followers – and quite a lot of the folks under his jackboot – just lap up!!
Examples: He and the PNC had severely criticised the PPP for “politicising” the Public Service when appointing “contract workers”, but there are MORE contract workers than under the PPP ever, but no one utters a squeak!!
Army officers are appointed like commissars to every Government agency, but no one’s troubled about what this authoritarian mindset signifies for democratic governance and regime change.
He shut down 4 sugar estates and threw 7000 mostly PPP supporters on the streets, and not a dog barked. He violated the Constitution and unilaterally appointed the GECOM Chair to “fix” the elections.
And in the face of the CCJ’s rulings, continues to stick his middle finger at the Constitution and the Guyanese people, while smirking beatifically!!

…and PNC dictatorship
The TUC’s another entity getting away with murder, by uttering platitudes while ultimately coming down on the side of the unfolding PNC dictatorship. This weekend, it asserted: “We are yet to see, 34 years after Burnham’s passing, any vision, any development that matches his era. We are yet to see, 22 years after Jagan’s passing, the willingness to sit and negotiate with his opponent across the table.”
Now, what the hell does this mean?? What did Burnham “develop” when he plunged us precariously just above Haiti as the worst basket case in the hemisphere? Isn’t development ultimately about people to this “worker” organisation?? The couple of roads built by the Americans as a sop to the PNC supporting them with ethnic riots is supposed to make the TUC forget Pollydore’s wail that not “an iota” of their proposals was included in Burnham’s Constitution – which legalised his dictatorship??
And Jagdeo’s supposed to roll over and play dead, like Jagan did for 28 years??

…with no PNC substance
One ex-PPP supporter – now slavishly supporting Granger – described what he claimed were PPP rigging techniques during their term of office.
Well, the PNC’s now in office. Don’t folks need to know how they rigged elections in 1968, 1973, 1978, 1980, and 1985??