Former Miss Bartica to represent Guyana at Caribbean Culture Queen Pageant 2019

Twenty-year-old Arian Dahlia Richmond will represent Guyana at the Miss Caribbean Cultural Queen Pageant 2019 in St Kitts and Nevis on August 7.
The Guyanese beauty will compete against 12 other contestants when the pageant is hosted at the Nevis Cultural Complex. The pageant is one of the main attractions during the Island’s Culturama Celebration.
The colourful, vibrant Arian brings beauty to the environment. She stands five feet, eight inches tall.
Born as a “cook-up” of cultures to Guyanese parents, Arian represents the beauty of a true Guyanese woman blessed with silky ebony African skin, rich East Indian heritage and a refined Portuguese twang styled with trendy natural charcoal hair.
Her personality is super positive, vibrant, stubborn and welcoming, and can brighten up your day no matter how damp it may feel.
Arian is an artist passionate about expression through modelling, writing and make-up artistry. She is the founder of Dahlia L’artista, a social enterprise that provides professional make-up artistry, skin care and cruelty-free products.
Her work reflects the peace she finds in nature, that serene authentic vibe and beauty in varied forms. She recently modelled in the Guyana Fashion Showcase for international designers such as Yumi Katsura, Randy Madray and Michelle Cole. Her style is fierce with an effortless essence, which allowed her modelling career to flourish.
She enjoys walks through forested tracks and at the river with friends in the calm hinterland in the afternoons.
At age 19, this Guyanese beauty decided to compete in her first pageant, Miss Bartica 2018, a pageant held as part of the celebratory festival and tourism magnet – Bartica Regatta in her home town. With much enthusiasm, open-mindedness, a will to learn and anxiety, Arian competed fiercely and emerged as Miss Bartica Regatta 2018.
During her reign as Miss Bartica, she launched The Bartica’s Youth Development Camp, which was aimed at teaching students Spanish; skills in art, craft and design; self-care and hygiene; and other skills.
The camp accommodated 62 students from the Bartica community, Venezuelan migrants and refugees along with volunteers to make the project effective. The main aim of the camp was to build self-esteem, good sportsmanship, confidence, and love for self.
The project drew so much love and support that Arian, through the project, was featured by several media outlets.
Guyanese Girls Glow is a sexual health awareness initiative that was curated by Arian at age 18 for young women in at-risk communities. The workshops lasted for a month and featured doctors and female leaders in the community who were vital to the youths that needed positive influence. Sixty youths were certified, fed and transported from the profits of Dahlia L’artista, Arian’s social enterprise. The projects were done in Linden and Albouystown.
She believes that youth will thrive in an environment when they are able to make informed choices and it is her life’s mission to aid that process.
Pageantry offers Arian a platform that she has used as a service-centred leader and change-maker. She will continue to use this platform to represent the interests of those who may never be able to represent themselves.
Arian is elated to have been chosen to represent Guyana at The Flow Miss Caribbean Culture Queen Pageant 2019.
She believes this is a great opportunity that comes with heavy responsibility to stand firm as a beauty ambassador of the world’s number one eco-destination and currently the world’s fastest growing economy. She plans to use this opportunity to continue her message and to fulfil the true purpose of pageantry on a more regional platform.