Foulis teen succumbs days after motorcycle accident

Seventeen-year-old Seermattie Suedatt who was struck off of a motorcycle on the East Coast Demerara Public Road at Foulis last week succumbed to her injuries on Monday morning.

Police Public Relations Officer Jairam Ramlakhan made this disclosure and explained that the teen succumbed to her injuries at 09:30 h at the Georgetown Public Hospital. 

The teen and her 18-year-old brother, Bissoon Suedatt of Lot 175 Foulis Fourth Street, East Coast Demerara, were both injured on June 9 after minibus BTT 4262 crashed into them while they were on a motorcycle.

The driver of the minibus was apprehended and remains in Police custody, assisting with investigations. Guyana Times has been informed that a breathalyzer test conducted on the driver proved that he was not under the influence of alcohol at time of the accident.

The minibus had reportedly been travelling east along the northern side of the East Coast Demerara Public Road, and was in the process of passing a stationary minibus which was on same side of the road at Foulis when Bissoon allegedly drove his motorcycle out of a street on the northern side of the road and into the path of the minibus, as he was headed in a southerly direction.

The driver of the minibus, said to be a 55-year-old resident of Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara, allegedly applied brakes and pulled towards the southern side of the road to avoid a collision with the motorcycle, but the front left side of the minibus collided with the teens, flinging them off the motorcycle and onto the road some feet away.

Members of the public had rushed to the assistance of teens, taking them to the hospital, where they were both admitted. Bissoon sustained a broken jaw, while his sister sustained head and neck injuries. Those injuries have allegedly caused her demise.