Full disclosure needed from CWI President, Vice President

Dear Editor,
As a candidate nominated by the Barbados Cricket Association and the Guyana Cricket Board to run for the post of Vice President of Cricket West Indies Inc. (CWI) in CWI elections scheduled to be held on 29th March 2021, I feel compelled to call on the President and Vice President of CWI to publicly disclose the following:
1. Whether it is true that the Minister of Sports of Guyana consulted with Cricket West Indies Inc. (CWI) for appointment of a cricket Ombudsman, and to fix a date for Guyana Cricket Board elections.
2. Whether it is true that the President and Vice President of CWI, along with other persons of CWI, participated in a consultation, and agreed with the Minister of Sports of Guyana to facilitate appointment of a Cricket Ombudsman and fix the date of 26th February 2021.
3. Whether it is true that the President and Vice President of CWI failed or refused to consult with the members of the Guyana Cricket Board and the full Board of Directors of CWI in respect of the said date set for the Guyana Cricket Board elections.
4. If it is that the aforesaid at 1 to 3 above happened, then further disclose:
(a) What was the date of the said consultation with the said Minister;
(b) On what date did CWI receive my (Calvin G Hope’s) nomination papers and acknowledged the receipt of same;
(c) When did the Full Board of CWI approve the consultation to take place with the said Minister, and the results of the consultation; and
(d) Whether I, Calvin G Hope, as a CWI Director and a candidate in the upcoming CWI election, was afforded an opportunity to be heard in respect of the decision purported to have been made as a result of consultation with the said Minister.
In the interest of transparency and accountability, it is incumbent on the President and the Vice President of CWI to give full disclosure on the above matters, so as to be clear for all concerned that the acts related to the said consultation and the decision thereto can stand up to scrutiny.

Calvin G Hope
CWI Director