G-Boats backs YBG with sponsorship

G-Boats Representative handing over the additional sponsorship to Youth Basketball Representatives (left)

With the aim of aiding the development of basketball in Guyana, G-Boats has given Youth Basketball Guyana (YBG)
$1 million sponsorship geared towards hosting of consistent basketball tournaments.
G-Boats handed over this sponsorship to the YBG on Tuesday at the National Gymnasium.
Thus far in 2024, G-Boats has been one of the key sponsors of basketball in Guyana, having sponsored the Inaugural One Guyana Basketball League, The GABA U-23 Championship, and The National School Basketball Festival.
G-Boats Business Development Director Daniel LaFont, while speaking to media operatives at the handing over of the sponsorship expounded on the importance of sports among youths and the G-Boats aim in making this investment in basketball. La Font said, “We always felt that back home, sports is a great way for young men and young women to learn things about life’s responsibility, how to be corporate citizens. We find that a lot of kids that get into trouble…if they involve (themselves) in sports, they are not going to be in trouble like some kids are, because they learn responsibility: learn to do schedules, how to be on time, follow rules, and all those things make better men and young women. So, we have all felt that strongly, and when we came to Guyana, we notice that there wasn’t a whole lot of support for basketball.
“Back home with US family, big supporters of basketball, high school basketball in States back home, and all of our owners played basketball at different levels, and we felt like this was just a great organization to invest in the youth of Guyana. And not only to teach basketball, but to also let them know that industry in Oil and Gas that exist for them that didn’t exist before. So, we just feel like this is a good thing to do.”
He said he is happy to see the growth of basketball in Guyana. “We are just impressed to see how this thing (basketball) has grown. Youth Basketball Guyana has done a fantastic job! We are extremely pleased, that is why we have donated to this organization. Very excited to see girls’ basketball coming back, so I would like to see the girls have that opportunity, and we have seen more interest in basketball courts like these clinics here, and that has been very exciting to see how well the money is being used to develop the youth of Guyana,” Daniel LaFont expressed
G-Boats is a specialized company that provides technical support, instrumentation and equipment for everything encompassing the industrial production of gas and oil.