GA-FDD warns against improper packaging, labelling of pharmaceuticals

The Government Analyst-Food and Drug Department (GA-FDD) has warned importers and distributors that all drugs and pharmaceuticals should be properly sealed in bottles, tubes, and packages and must carry a patient information insert in English.
On Thursday, the GA-FDD issued the warning, noting that according to the Food and Drugs Act Chap 34:03 of 1977, Regulation 48 stipulates, all drugs and pharmaceuticals must be properly packaged and labelled. It noted that the Department continued to observe practices where pharmaceuticals are being sold in packages without patient leaflets or inserts.
The Department reminded pharmacy proprietors to ensure that all pharmaceuticals are properly packaged before being distributed or sold to the public. Failure to comply will result in enforcement actions by the Department. According to the Food and Drug Act Chap 34:03 of 1971, no 21 (d): “An inspector may at a reasonable time – seize and detain for so long as may be necessary for the purpose of an examination, investigation, trial or inquiry, any article by means of or in relation to which he reasonably believes any provision of this Act has been contravened.”