GAWU needs to get on board the prosperity train

Dear Editor,
“500 (high-paying) oilfield service jobs for Enmore and environs” is the positive headline I envisaged when I heard of the Guysons’ plan for the old packing plant.
Sadly, there was no such headline, and instead, this ultra-positive for the people of the area has come in for criticism and questioning from not only the usual nattering nabobs of nihilism, but, importantly, from the Guyana Agricultural & General Workers Union (GAWU), who would rather preserve the 30 sugar packing jobs than see those (and 470 others) transition to the lucre of oilfield services.
GAWU seems to have lost its way and its mandate to represent people and not union dues (they are among the unions seeking to represent oil & gas industry workers). GAWU needs to modernise its thinking and accept that people from Enmore can do more than cut cane, load punts, and pay GAWU its dues.
Nobody likes the crab at the bottom of the barrel. GAWU can get on board the prosperity train, or get off the track before it gets run over by the thousands of new oilfield services workers.

Robin Singh