GBBC reflects on Beckles’ life

Following the recent passing of Lennox Beckles, many boxing organisations have come forward to express their condolences to the family and reminisce on his career.
The most recent to do so was the Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC), which fondly reflected on the life of the great Guyanese champion in the following statement:
“The Guyana Boxing Board of Control deeply mourns the loss of arguably, one of

Lennox Beckles in his youthful days

the most gifted fighters that have ever graced our land. Lennox Beckles was a prolific Super Lightweight champion of Guyana.
“His career spanned a period from 1960, where he debuted against David Ralph on 26th September at the Georgetown Football Club (GFC) Ground to his final fight on 27th May 1979 against Brian Muller, an overseas Guyanese fighting out of the US. It spanned 19 years and a total of 45 fights, including 34 wins with 7 knockouts.
“Not known for his punching power, Beckles’ ring craft was similar in style to those of Sugar Ray Leonard, Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whittaker and Floyd “Money” Mayweather and had in common with these famous fighters, blistering hand speed and arguably the best footwork ever seen from a Guyanese fighter.
Beckles epitomised boxing’s nickname “the sweet science”. His mastery of the craft attracted hundreds of spectators every time he fought and he was truly “poetry in emotion”. His extraordinary skill was a source of great national pride to Guyanese boxing enthusiasts and his exploits left an indelible legacy which helped to lay the foundation for the champions that followed.
“The Board deeply regrets the passing of this extraordinary talent and son of the soil who passed quietly in Trinidad where he was residing.
“He will be remembered as an honoured and cherished member of the Guyanese boxing fraternity.”