GBTI endorses efforts to challenge gender inequalities

GBTI CEO James Foster pens his message on the signage

The Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) on Monday kick-started a public signing campaign to endorse International Women’s Day (IWD), in which persons can choose to highlight the various aspects of gender balance and inclusion that they wish to see.
Throughout the month of March, the “Guyana” signage at Kingston, Georgetown, has been rebranded to provide a space for persons to leave a message or share some form of empowerment to women. This initiative materialised through a partnership with the Canadian High Commission and Impressions.
Chief Executive Officer of GBTI, James Foster underscored, “A gender-balanced Guyana is a better Guyana, not just for women but for all of us.”
Meanwhile, Representative from the Canadian High Commission, Jake Thomas acknowledged the progress which has been made to eliminate the patriarchal facets of society that limit women from reaching their potential. However, he noted that more needs to be done.

International Women’s Day celebrated

“Substantial progress has been made since we celebrated the first International Women’s Day in the early 20th century. Women have the right to vote, to education, improved access to healthcare and more and more women are contributing to decision making processes and opportunities. This does not mean that equality has been achieved. Challenges remain and there is much to be done, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Thomas identified.
Globally, he identified women’s issues such as protection from domestic abuse, gender-based violence, discrimination and affordable childcare.
Impressions Marking Manager Debbie Persaud added that the achievements made by women across the globe make them a force to be reckoned with as they take over leadership roles in various field.
“Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day – a day to honour the strength, achievements and strive made by our women from all across the world from different backgrounds. Today, we have diverse representation across all sectors, economically, culturally, politically and sports just to name a few. We see women taking up leadership roles in the sphere of politics as President and Prime Ministers, CEOs and managers.”
International Women’s Day is being celebrated this year under the theme: #ChoosetoChallenge. The theme urges people to call out gender bias and inequality with the goal of making major changes and promoting inclusivity.
Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres has said that the COVID-19 pandemic has erased decades of progress towards gender equality. Comparing the high job losses, disrupted schooling and the escalating crisis of domestic violence and exploitation, it was emphasised that women’s lives have been upended and their rights eroded.
“The consequences will far outlast the pandemic. But women have also been on the frontlines of pandemic response. They are the essential workers keeping people alive and holding economies, communities and families together. They are among the leaders who have kept prevalence rates lower, and countries on track for recovery. This year’s International Women’s Day highlights the transformative power of women’s equal participation,” Guterres had stated.
With women now serving in equal numbers at the top leadership posts at the United Nations, he said the organisation has witnessed even more concerted action to secure peace, sustainable development and human rights. (G12)