GECOM abdicating responsibility

Dear Editor,
The Federation of Inde-pendent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG), aggregately representing thousands of Guyanese workers, was expressly disturbed to learn that the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) from all appearances, has decided to abandon its functions to uphold and adhere to the Constitution of Guyana, Chapter 1:01 of the Laws of Guyana.
The Federation could not help reaching such conclusions after it learnt that GECOM, without any apparent regard to the fast-approaching constitutional deadline for elections, has chosen, paradoxically, to proceed as if the situation were normal. The seeming complete ignorance of the ‘elephant in the room’ by the Government-appointed Commissioners and the President’s chosen Chairman, gives the impression that the independent, constitutionally-insulated, Commission has now become subjugated by the powers that be.
As FITUG considered the decisions by GECOM we could not help but be reminded about some aspects of an editorial in sections of the media on February 11 where it was stated that “President Granger’s motive in selecting Justice Patterson as Chairman of GECOM has now been exposed for all and sundry to absorb. The fig leaf covering the President’s rejection of 18 names supplied by the Leader of the Opposition has now been fully exposed. Between them, President Granger and Justice Patterson have managed to recreate the spectre of the three-man Commission headed by Sir Harold Bollers, which presided over the last rigged general elections in 1985”.
Indeed, when one considers the train of events vis-à-vis the current picture it’s hard not to arrive at such justifiable conclusions. The abrogation by GECOM of its duties is not a matter that can be treated lightly especially given its importance to upholding our cherished democracy. It is now incumbent on the Government, more so President Granger, not to countenance any violation of the Constitution seemingly with the intent to cling to power. The significant constitutional breaches must immediately come to an end and preparations for elections must commence in earnest.

Federation of
Independent Trade
Unions of Guyana