GECOM CEO should be non-national for an interim period

Dear Editor,
The 2020 general elections’ manipulations and attempts at rigging, when condensed and filtered down, could have been stopped in their track if two specific officials of GECOM, namely the Chairperson and the Chief Elections Officer (CEO), had acted as officers befitting their office. What actually occurred was largely a case of inaction by the Chairperson, and too much nefarious actions by the CEO.
Hypothetically, had the CEO acted as per the guidelines of GECOM, Clairmont Mingo would not have been calling out bingo and bogus numbers. The entire electoral secretariat reports directly to the CEO, and he has the commensurate authority to direct their conduct as per the standard operating procedures. His decision to actively condone the falsification of the statements of poll for Region Four was the major turning point in an otherwise fair and free elections up to that point. This only amplifies the importance of the CEO.
Furthermore, had the Chairperson acted with her vested authority and suspended both Mingo and Lowenfield the moment they disregarded the Chief Justice and her orders, we would never have had to endure this rigging nightmare.
The way forward should be to retain the Chairperson, given the fact that although she was very dilatory at times and lacked the experience of overseeing an election, she went through a crucible of fire and must have emerged tempered and wiser.
With regard to the CEO of GECOM, which is the most crucial position, we should look at the possibility of hiring a competent officer from either the Caricom or Commonwealth countries to replace Lowenfield for a minimum of two elections.
This would give everyone they proper breathing space to regain trust and impartiality in the elections process, since a non-national would have no partial preference for any political party. Over time, we would come to have trust in the system, regardless of the individuals manning the electoral system.

Yours sincerely,
Reggie Bhagwandin