GECOM Chairman has been seduced by Govt

Dear Editor,
First, President David Granger anointed Retired Justice James Patterson as Chairman of GECOM and then GECOM refused to hold General Elections, due by March 19, 2019, after the No-Confidence Motion was passed against the APNU/AFC Government, citing one lame excuse after another.
This shows that the GECOM Chairman has been seduced by the APNU/AFC Government of President David Granger much like the AFC has been seduced by the PNC/R.
I suggest that Guyanese start standing up for their rights and take to the streets. Let these wannabe dictators know that Guyanese do not want Guyana to regress to the dismal days of pre-1992.
Affirmative action is needed to oust these wannabe dictators.

Yours faithfully,
Sean Ori