GECOM officials’ response is disappointing, disturbing

Dear Editor,
It is with a sense of optimism that hundreds of thousands of citizens across Guyana welcomes the representatives from the Carter Centre to Guyana. The global role of this organisation in advancing democracy is widely recognised and appreciated. It will be recalled that the organisation played a significant mediating role prior to 1992, in the re-establishment of a framework for an acceptable democratic environment after 28 years of PNC dictatorship.
With Guyana’s deteriorating internal and external image hurtling towards the doldrums, the timing of the visit gives testimony to the international attention being given and the need to quell and emerging monster. It also emphasises the broad negative impact that will likely accrue for our relationships with other states if the posture adopted by the fallen APNU/AFC regime is continued.
The pronouncements on the historic no-confidence motion of December 21, 2018, is significant. The antics and actions of the Granger clique following the carried motion, are outright obstructive, dictatorial, and nothing but a power-driven quest that has no legal basis. Both the Judicial and Legislative arms of our three-tiered system of Government ruled in favour of the mandatory holding of General and Regional Elections within the constitutionally stated time-bound period of 90 days.
Although this period is subject to an extension if approved by 75 per cent of the members that constitute the Legislature (Parliament), there has been no move by the fallen Granger clan, to address the option. Indeed, they must be acutely aware of the wicked indelible wounds they have inflicted and imprinted on so many citizens in such a short time.
Instead, there is a heightened state of lawlessness being advance by the de facto President, David Granger, and his now illegal Cabinet. It is of significant relevance that the ruling of Chief Justice stipulated that the Cabinet stands resigned immediately after the passing of the no-confidence motion. Her Honour Justice George also correctly stated that it was outside of the jurisdiction of the courts to grant an extended time.
The de facto President and his cohorts have signalled and taken actions to defy the ruling of our High Court although there is no stay of obligatory performance. Mr Granger’s vehement refusal to announce a date for the imminent elections at the time of writing constitutes a flagrant disregard for Guyana’s most supreme law.
This damming position serves to catalyse a system of mayhem and ultimate anarchy because if there is no rule of law for the Government, none of our citizens will be rule-bound in behaviour and survival.
It is just not business as usual Mr Granger, you are creating a conundrum of machinations and chaos, which only serve to uncover the characteristic innate nature that two-thirds of the PNC displayed during their 28 years of dictatorial strife and rule in Guyana.
The role of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) then, was as much a significant contributing factor as it is now. It was a period when being recognised as a Guyanese in many parts of the world was disadvantageous to any citizen’s advancement. It required international interventions and amendments to the then legislation before the People’s Progressive Party and the citizens of this country achieved and earned hard-won democracy in 1992. It was only then that rebuilding a sense of recognition and esteem began.
Sad to say, the behaviour of some leading GECOM officials at this critical juncture is indeed disappointing and very disturbing. To put it mildly, most civil thinking persons would agree that these leading officials seem to be acting as pimps in this illegal ‘prostitutional’ assault of Guyanese citizens by Granger and his henchmen.
It is very obvious that public confidence in GECOM is eroding at an exponential rate.

Neil Kumar