Get the work done Registrar General, stop giving excuses

Dear Editor,
Under the caption “Frustrated with birth certificate department of GPO”, published by Stabroek News on September 22nd, and the reply published under the caption “Persons with complaints/queries can also reach GRO via social media”, published on September 24 in the Guyana Chronicle, the reactive nature of the Registrar General of the General Register Office (GRO), Mr. Raymon Cummings, is shown, instead of being proactive and solutions-oriented.
As an imam of Meten Meer Zorg (East) masjid, this issue with the GRO is not an isolated case, since scores of pandits and imams can testify to the poor service being offered since February, 2021.
If Mr Cummings wishes to deny this, then he can host a press conference with the media and send out a general invite for the marriage officers, specifically imams and pandits, to attend and question him at that event. I will personally attend and gather many of the persons affected.
In giving an example, a foreigner wanted to get married, and when he applied for the marriage licence, he was asked to provide proof of his legal status in the country. This foreigner, by the way, is employed as a doctor by the Ministry of Health.
I visited Mr Cummings’s office on several occasions, and have not been able to see him. He is not a Government Minister or the President, and if he (were), I can only imagine we would have had to wait the entire term in office for him to get something done.
The person holding the position of Registrar General should be neutral and pro-active. Issues with birth certificates and marriage certificates are in the thousands, and the only excuse he can rely on surrounds the COVID-19 protocols, but the President and Government officials are getting things done on the ground while he sits in an office giving excuse after excuse on why his work cannot be completed.
The GRO needs a more motivating and inspiring management style for the future that awaits Guyana. These types of excuses being put forwarded are for a bygone era, imagine the Tourism Ministry trying to promote wedding tourism with such atrocious service.
I personally know many persons who have not been responded to via the GRO social media and WhatsApp platforms provided.
I am penning this letter for all and sundry to know that all is not well at the GRO, and some investigations should be done on the production and workload of the departments that are placed there in service of all applicants. Stop giving excuses and find solutions; that is what you are being paid to do. Stop being a white elephant.

Imam Halim Khan