Getting another opportunity to reject ‘good life’ promises

Dear Editor,
On their penultimate day of legality, Government Ministers are fanning out in the Greater Georgetown as an outreach. Blessed are the days when the People matter! For decades the PNC has neglected those in the capital city, denizens treated as a ‘vote bank’ for the APNU are now receiving an eleventh hour hearing, an opportunity to share ideas and air grievances. Or are they? Will Ministers that are as unrecognizable to residents really listen to voices and concerns other than their own?
At Christmas time, one senior minister was present at an event where homeless persons were being cared for with showers, clothing, haircuts and food, his questions to the homeless? Do you have an ID card? Can you vote? This was followed by a reminder to vote for APNU.
There was no difference when the 19 Ministers did an outreach in Region 9, and Minster Felix boldly stated “I am only here to get your vote,” as he addressed a gathering of persons engaged in Sunday worship, that he did so in the very Church did not seem to register within his consciousness.
At this new APNU/AFC outreach, they come to seek your vote, to patronize you with platitudes. Should enough people be taken in by the false promises, once elected, the Coalition will continue the plunder of the treasury. No doubt they envisage a future with even more perks and this incessant stream of corruption lining the pockets of themselves and cronies.
Residents of Georgetown have spoken clearly in the recent Local Government Elections and will get another opportunity to reject these ‘good life’ promises once and for all.

All for your
Attiya Baksh