GNBS to digitise measurements with $12.5M metrology portal

Celebrating World Meteorological Day 2022 under the theme “Metrology in the Digital Era”, the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) has launched a metrology portal in an attempt to digitise the way the Bureau gathers information on measurement.

Legal Metrology Department Head Shailendra Rai

This new system will create a much easier flow of information gathering for the GNBS and steer the company into the digitised era. The metrology portal will increase efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of accurate and reliable measurement services.
The portal essentially digitises the services offered by the Legal Metrology and Industrial Metrology & Testing Services Departments of the Bureau, reducing the need for the manual completion of checklists and other paper-based methods of conducting business.
This portal allows stakeholders – from the comfort of their homes or at any location – to request metrology services, at any time while promoting an environmentally friendly paper-free approach.
This is according to the Head of the Legal Metrology Department, Shailendra Rai.
“The main objectives of developing the metrology portal are to transform the operations of the legal metrology service department and the industrial and testing department from a paper-based system to a fully digital system. And this is basically in keeping with our theme this year for World Meteorology Day. It also would increase the operational efficiency of the departments in the provision of verification and calibration services and also improve interactions between the GNBS and its customers,” Rai said in his remarks at the launching ceremony.
He added that previously with the paper-based system, a form was used to compile the relevant information.
“With the implementation of this portal, we’re now able to input the information digitally into the portal and it also makes provision for the acquisition of more detailed information which would be critical for the Bureau in the provision of verification and calibration services. And also, it helps to capture more information as well, on the types and the different levels of measuring instruments used by our clients.”
Further, he explained that the new operating system would play a key role in the scheduling of inspections. He said that with the portal’s help, inspections would be scheduled digitally and more effectively.
“In addition to that, we have the scheduling of verification activities. Previously, similar with the paper-based system, you used to write on a form, we would schedule inspectors and on the day in questions, we would instruct the inspectors who would do what activities. With the new digital system or the portal, inspectors are now programmed in advance. As soon as the client call and they make a request and we prepare, we input that information, we assign the inspector to the task,” Rai explained.
Though the system is up and readily available for GNBS clients, the company is working on making advancements to the system.
According to the head of the industrial meteorology and testing department, Donna Canterbury, the GNBS has already started working on advancing the portal with the intention to have payment options on the system. Republic Bank point-of-sale system, Mobile Money Guyana (MMG) and PayPal are all the electronic online payment methods being considered by the Bureau.