Go fly a kite…

…nation dividers
While to us Guyanese kite flying is the quintessential Easter Monday activity, in less enlightened jurisdictions – like the USA! – flying a kite is just a quaint practice from “the old country”. In fact, over there, the expression “Go fly a kite!” is equivalent to “Go take a hike!” – meaning, “Get away from me, you annoying twerp!” To indulge in either of those activities, you gotta move veeeeery far away!
And this is what your Eyewitness would like to say to those who’ve forgotten the message of the fella whose death and resurrection is the raison d’etre for today’s holiday, and are busy dividing our nation with their toxic politics: go fly a kite…and while you’re at it, take a hike!!
For instance, your Eyewitness couldn’t believe the message of Moses Nagamootoo, the Prime Minister of this country, in his Sunday Chronic Column – Easter Sunday, mind you! – for which he’s paid more than $2 million monthly: “The treacherous role of Judas and his betrayal for 30 pieces of dirty silver would not be lost in this politically charged country, which is still under the shadow of that fateful, December 21, 2018 no-confidence vote in our National Assembly. That vote has been tainted and stained by what all honest Guyanese believe to be the kiss of a Judas!”
Imagine that!! Charrandas Persaud had explained the reason for him crossing party lines to vote for the NCM – betrayal by his AFC leaders, Nagamootoo and Ramjattan – but now HE’s the Judas to Nagamootoo!!
How much more can you divide this nation?? Nagamootoo and Ramjattan explicitly promised Berbicians that sugar would be supported, yet went along with firing 4000 plus Berbicians, and he expected that Charrandas – who actually lives among sugar workers – to just go along??
If Nagamootoo was half the man Jagan taught him to be, he would’ve hung a mala on Charrandas’s neck for his bravery. But how could Nagamootoo do that when he wants to keep on drawing his fat salary and enjoying those outriders clearing his way through the “Guyanese rabble”?? Charrandas remains a standing indictment of Nagamootoo’s betrayal of Jagan’s principles of service to the people!! It’s no wonder Jagdeo didn’t call Nagamootoo a “Jackass”, as he’d whined to the Police, but a “Judas”!!
And of course Nagamootoo isn’t the only divider of the nation. Who could forget PNC Chair Volda Lawrence’s declaration that only PNC people and her friends need apply for Government jobs?! But that was evident from the beginning, wasn’t it? What with 16 of 17 Permanent Secretaries coming from the PNC’s constituency, and all that!!
Isn’t it time for the PNC to be given marching orders??

…and childhood memories
For those who may think your Eyewitness only thinks of politics, that’s not COMPLETELY true!! For instance, today he’s flooded with memories of his father making those “pointer” kites for his kids, including yours truly. And then the entire family trooping over to the sea wall to get those Icaruses into the skies!! His mother would be laden down with her basket of potato balls, pine tarts and various other home-made goodies – not to mention the “swank” to cool down throats parched from whooping and yelling as kites were manoeuvred to bring down each other!
The tail of the kite was the secret: the shorter ones would ensure that your kite swung and veered like a whirling dervish, which, combined with skilful tugs and jerk of its “twine”, was guaranteed to make your kite into a modern day Spitfire bringing down enemy aircraft like the Red Baron!!
Now, to your Eyewitness’s disgust, all the youngsters are running around with those Chinese “plastic kites”. This kind of behaviour is another reason for the decline of our national fibre!!

…UG’s VC
At long last, folks are waking up to the fact that a charlatan was foisted onto UG as its VC, as your Eyewitness has been bemoaning from the day he was hired.
Cut the old boy’s YSM ties!!