GOA election postponed

Tempers flared at Olympic House at Liliendaal on Tuesday evening, when members of the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) met for the Electoral General Meeting (EGM).
Almost instantaneously, upon the meeting’s commencement at exactly 5pm, the authenticity of a letter purportedly signed by GOA General Secretary Hector Edwards, regarding the voting eligibility of several members of the GOA, was questioned.
Current GOA President, K A Juman-Yassin, shared with members, “Hector did not sign the letter or authorise it. He had not changed his position, and my contention is the fact that he did not sign that letter, it is not valid, as it is not signed or authorised by the Secretary- General. That is in breach of our constitution. As a result of that, this election to proceed cannot now proceed.”

Scenes from the GOA EGM on Tuesday afternoon at Olympic House

Members of the GOA went around the room voicing their opinions on the way forward, which resulted in a unanimous decision to postpone the EGM.
The decision was eventually taken to have Assistant General Secretary Deion Nurse sign document on the behalf of the General Secretary, a decision that made way for the postponement of the EGM.
The EGM is now likely to be held one week from today.
A complete report on the GOA’s EGM will be published in tomorrow’s edition of Guyana Times Sport.