GOAL Scholarship Programme an excellent initiative

Dear Editor,
As a beneficiary of the GOAL Scholarship Programme, allow me a section in your paper to express my gratitude to those whose brainchild this programme is.
Early last year, I applied for a programme that was offered by the GOAL Scholarship Programme which was initiated by His Excellency President Dr. Mohammed Irfaan Ali and his cabinet. I must say the application and approval process was very smooth, speedy and efficient.
Upon attending the programme at the respective university, information and communication between the Ministry of Public Service, the respective university and myself (student) was readily prepared and available to students. I must commend the Minister of Public Service, Hon. Sonia Parag, on her excellent work at orchestrating this system of communication. This has aided in the motivation of various colleagues of mine, expressing their intentions of further studying through the GOAL Scholarship Programme.
I am a beneficiary who studied through the programme and have knowledge of how the GOAL Scholarship Programme works. I can safely say that the GOAL Scholarship Programme gives every single Guyanese an opportunity to study a programme and further advance their curriculum vitae (CV).
I am happy to state that communication that certificates are available and the certificate handing-over process to various scholars of the programme were even more efficient.
The Guyana Online Learning Academy is an excellent and effective programme that will aid in helping Guyanese of all backgrounds develop themselves once they take advantage of the programme.
Thus I would like to urge all my fellow Guyanese to take advantage of this programme, since it is very effective and adds a lot to one’s curriculum vitae (CV).
I would also like to express gratitude to His Excellency President Dr. Mohammed Irfaan Ali, His Excellency Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, and the Cabinet for having allowed me and my colleagues these opportunities to further advance our studies.

Yours truly,
Randy Mangru
Region 6