Golden Grove, Cummings Lodge register Milo wins

The Ministry of Education Ground, Carifesta Avenue, was once again treated to a day of exhilarating football at the Under-18 level, as the Milo School’s Football Tournament continued on Saturday.
With three encounters lined up, one that was consistent in every game, was the team captains asserting their position against gender-based violence, as a part of the Public Health Ministry’s partnership with the tournament.
The action got underway with the first game being a battle between Charlestown and Tucville Secondary; a battle that eventually bore no winner. Having more competition experience, Charlestown Secondary began with an attacking front, putting Tucville on the defence very early. Charlestown finally reaped the fruit of their hard work in the 18th minute, when Isaiah Moore pierced the goal. Dante Sookram later extended his team’s lead to 2-0 in the 38th minute but Charlestown’s celebrations were short-lived.
Tucville’s Dwayne Jones found the back of the net in the 39th minute to push the score to 2-1. The second half saw a more determined Tucville Secondary, who managed to back Charlestown into a corner and resulted in the Charlestown team netting a own goal to bring the score to 2-2 in the 52nd minute. The remainder of the encounter expired with both teams trying to one up the other for the win, but it was not to be as regulation time expired with the scores locked.
St Cuthbert’s Mission and Golden Grove were the two teams made to face off in the second game of the day. The boy’s hailing from the Mahaica River, Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica) started off with a burst of energy, which made spectators think they were in for an exciting match. However, St Cuthbert’s zeal was short lived.
Golden Grove continued their pursuit of a win, with a goal from Jeffery Charles in the 32nd. The 1-0 scorecard was carried into the second half, before Andrew Sathwell breached the goal for Golden Grove once again. Maintaining ball possession, the boys from East Coast were able to secure their first win of the tournament.
The final game of the day went to Cummings Lodge after a spirited exhibition by the young men. In their meeting with Uitvlugt, Cummings Lodge faced a challenge with Uitvlugt having a wealth of experience after finishing 5th in the Guyoil/Tradewind Tankers tournament. However, this did not deter Uitvlugt’s opposition as Keion Harmer netted the first for Cummings Lodge in the 10th.
The remainder of the half went quietly, until Simon Ifill extended Cummings Lodge’s lead in the 56th. Uitvlugt sought to make a comeback with a goal off the boots of Mickel Mckend in the 68th. But it was the only goal the West Coast Demerara team could connect successfully, resulting in a 2-1 loss to Cummings Lodge.
The Milo Under-18 Tournament will continue today at the same venue with three more exciting encounters.