Golden Jags Scold USVI 7-0

CFU Scotiabank Men’s Caribbean Cup

The Guyana Golden Jaguars bounced back to winning ways hammering the US Virgin Island 7-0 on Saturday in

Trayon Bobb
Trayon Bobb
Ricky Shakes
Ricky Shakes

their own backyard at the Adelita Cancryn Playing Field, St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands (USVI) yesterday.

Trayon Bobb, Ricky Shakes and Anthony Abrams all scored twice with Devon Millington scoring once in USVI’s trouncing. It was the Golden Jaguars second game in the second round and they made it count after losing to Curacao 5-2 in the first game of the round.

Within minutes of the first half, Trayon Bobb and Ricky Shakes scored within three minutes apart (23rd and 25th minute) while Davon Millington also made light work of the USVI defence to hammer in a third for Guyana in the 30th minute.

Ricky shakes came back in the 40th minute to add another goal to the Golden Jaguars score sheet heading to the interval.

With a 4-0 advantage at the half-time the Guyanese continued their great offence when Abrams netted the first of his two goals in the 68th minute of play. Bobb would then inked his name on the score sheet once again when he found the back of the net the 75th minute with Abrams putting the final nail in the coffin with a late goal in the 88th minute of the game.

The Jaguars will now have to depend on the Curacao versus USVI match to know their faith. Once Curacao beat USVI the Guyanese will advance to round three which takes place in October. However, if USVI can turn the tables on Curacao and by a wide margin the Jaguars can find themselves out of contention.

At a glance one will safely say that Curacao will knock USVI out of the tournament which will mean that Guyana and Curacao will march on in the tournament the Guyanese will still have to keep their fingers crossed.