Govt cannot operate under duress

Dear Editor,
From the commencement of the strike, the GTU was chastised for its use of the strikers to score cheap political points for the party to whom they hold bold allegiance. The union in teir response to that was a prompt denial and a statement which said that their protest action was purely an industrial exercise and not political. Well, let us reluctantly accept that excuse for a moment, however, subsequent revelations clearly refuted that argument.
In the first place, the general secretary of the GTU is a sitting member of parliament with vested interest in APNU party, if this is not being political, then what is? She advocates APNU’s policies to the letter. Secondly, the strike was visited and supported by notable figures from the Opposition such as Lincoln Lewis and Hamilton Green.
This last-mentioned fossil came out in full support of the strike, not a bad idea to begin with, because in a democracy like ours, one is free to support an effort purely based on concern for their plight. But how concerned is Hammie I would ask, because he later went on a public platform to deify Burnham and embraced the despicable system of rigging. In his opinion Guyana should not only reinstitute rigging, but continue to educate the young people into the art of rigging. What a fantastic idea, by a disgraceful man! What is interesting to know, is that the GTU never denounced Hamilton Green’s statement.
Then, the visit of the Obeah man/woman, this was another high point as the strike progressed, here the GTU was quick to denounce him as being a man of unsound mind. But if you closely follow what took place in the aftermath of the elections of 1997 and 2020 you would see the very same performance by The Opposition. During that time there were seances being kept at various places, to invoke a win for their party.
One cannot run away from the undeniable fact that Obeah or Voodoo is intricately woven into the fabric of that party and The Seven Ponds experience is testament to this. Whenever those that are opposed to progress is backed up against the wall, they would consult with the occult. But this is not going to work, no progress can be made on the streets or by occult means, the only way forward is by meaningful and progressive consultations
In closing I would say, the faster they get off the road, put away the political baggage and get back to the negotiating table. It would be the best thing that ever happened to them and the country as a whole. The government cannot operate in under duress.

Neil Adams