Govt hands out $56M in grants to Reg 2 schools

Education Minister Priya Manickchand

As the Education Ministry continues to roll out its school grant initiative across the country, some $56 million will be distributed to schools in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam).
This programme, which aims to support educational institutions, relieve teachers of financial burdens, and promote educational excellence, will see teachers along the coastline receiving $4000 for each child while teachers in the hinterland communities will receive $5500 per child.
For those hinterland schools with less than 56 students, a standard grant of $224,000 per term will be awarded. This transformative measure eliminates teachers’ out-of-pocket expenses, fostering an improved learning environment.

Students in the midst of the launch

During the launch held at the Anna Regina Secondary School on Tuesday, subject Minister Priya Manickchand engaged with Head Teachers across the region and emphasised the significance of the grant in providing schools greater autonomy over resource allocation and fostering effective school management.
The Minister underscored that the grant’s ultimate objective is to empower teachers to innovate and enhance curriculum delivery creatively, providing students with an enriched educational experience.
Additionally, she emphasised that the school grant’s implementation ensures the timely provision of necessary supplies, maintaining transparency and accountability through a comprehensive list for teachers to reference.
The Ministry of Education’s ongoing commitment to equipping students and teachers with resources to enhance education delivery was reiterated. The Minister urged Head Teachers to employ innovative approaches to yield substantial improvements and enhance performance.

Some of the teachers at the launch on Tuesday

However, Regional Education Officer (REDO) Shoundelle Hercules echoed the sentiment that this grant would propel educational development within the region and elevate the standard of education delivery.
During her brief remarks, she eloquently articulated the essence of the classroom, stating, “The classroom is a realm where experiences are born, where learning becomes a source of joy, where mistakes are seen as stepping stones to growth, where independence and confidence take root, and where skills are honed.”
She reiterated that the classroom is filled with laughter where friendships are nurtured, and where young minds are challenged to reach their full potential. She further underscored that in this educational space, every child is treasured, and no one is left behind.
In closing, she expressed profound gratitude for another bold step taken by the Ministry while noting that a collective effort is needed to shape the future of education with the confidence of achieving remarkable results.
Head Teachers lauded this initiative, recognising its potential to create child-friendly classrooms and facilitate innovative and creative lesson delivery, ultimately benefiting students across the region. (Raywattie Deonarine)