Govt making efforts to establish hatching eggs industry

Eggs in a hatching incubator at Bounty Farms

The Government is making aggressive efforts to establish a massive hatching eggs industry to support Guyana’s already burgeoning poultry sector.
The country currently imports approximately 52 million eggs annually at a cost of some $350 million.
Agriculture Minister Zulfikar Mustapha said the immense sum that was expended yearly could remain in Guyana to expand the local poultry industry and develop other sectors.
During an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI), Minister Mustapha stated that the move could capture several regional and international markets, since eggs were always in demand.
He said an area has already been identified for the project which is expected to commence soon.
“We are working with a company in Brazil to start and GLDA [Guyana Livestock Development Authority] is working aggressively. I am hoping in the new year we can launch that project and start producing our own hatching eggs and be self-sufficient,” Minister Mustapha disclosed.
The plan to embark on the project was hinted at on numerous occasions by President Dr Irfaan Ali who explained that his Government would work with communities like St. Cuthbert’s Mission in Region Four, to be part of the venture.
He said initiatives like these would be transformative in nature and propel the economy.
“These are the initiatives that will bring direct benefits to the farmer and enhance our diversification programme, these are some of the initiatives that will ensure our economy is built on many pillars,” the President had stated.
The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Government has started working with large poultry producers in a consortium to produce their own corn and soya for the production of feed to support the industry.
This is also part of the Government’s plan for Guyana to become self-sufficient, in the face of rising food prices and supply shortages globally.
Since taking office, the PPP/C Government has placed heavy emphasis on developing the agricultural sector through a number of initiatives.
Some $28.7 billion was allocated in the 2022 Budget to ensure the rapid growth and development of Guyana’s agricultural sector.