Govt must be commended for this road project

Dear Editor,
I have to commend the Government and engineers at the Ministry of Public Works for the good job being done on our roadways.
I am a diligent reader and supporter of anything that seeks to improve our way of living in Guyana, once it is legal. So, recently, I found out that the Ministry of Public Works and its Special Projects Unit were undertaking $99.5 million in road maintenance in the capital city. And this explains much of the work that I see ongoing in various parts of the capital city.
Mr Editor, these works are good, and would, as I understand it, serve to remedy defects developed during the rainy season. I hope we would restore the safety, serviceability, structural capacity, and appearance of the roads by undertaking this project.
Notable also is the fact that Central Government is once again picking up the slack, as the Georgetown Mayor and City Council is responsible for the maintenance of these roads. It is a shame that the Georgetown M&CC cannot get its act together. Guyana seems to be on the cusp of development. This Government must make sure it gets value for money spent on the roads’ project. I am glad and, quite frankly, happy that these changes are taking place.

Yours respectfully,
Attiya Baksh