Govt seeks to revive reintegration of teen moms programme

The Education Ministry in a move to have teenage mothers reintegrated into the school system has begun advertising for interested persons to indicate such interest.

Speaking with Guyana Times, Chief Education Officer Olato Sam said that advertisements have commenced in order to gather candidates and a consultant to begin the process of reintegration into the school system.

According to the CEO, it is expected that the process of reintegration is initiated soon since “there is a consultancy that is about to commence that is going to address that.”

Earlier in 2016, it was recognised by the Education Minister to have school aged mothers reintegrated into the learning system, in their mission to overcome the difficulties and introduce new means to enhance the education system. This call was endorsed by First Lady Sandra Granger and other entities, including Women Across Differences (WAD).

At that time, it was highlighted by Education Minister, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine that to have this implementation would result in the creation of “better all rounded citizens” and “a better society.” When school aged girls do not return to school after giving birth, he pointed out, creates an overburden of the welfare system and could possibly leave space for exploitation of women, thus increasing the illiteracy rate.

The programme to reintegrate teenage mothers into the school system was launched on April 15, 2008. The programme was launched under the theme “Assisting to Achieve Quality Education through Reintegration” and had started in 2007 but was officially launched in 2008.

The initiative is in keeping with the millennium development goals and targets youths.