GPF has shifted gear in response to road carnage

Dear Editor,
Efforts by the Police to curb lawlessness and recklessness on the roads have shifted gear in response to the continuing carnage, with a name-and-shame publication of top offenders. The list includes names of prominent companies (INews September 11).
This must be seen as an initiative aimed at a no-nonsense approach to restrict the daily wasting of lives that has characterized our roadways. Some strong measures are being considered as this plan of action is rolled out: suspension of licences, revocation of fitness certificates, and court appearances.
The latest horrific accident, which claimed four lives – I extend my condolences to the grieving families – was the agitator for stronger action by the Police.
The time has long passed for the apparent soft approach to be continued with campaigns that are not sustained, respected, or supported. In addition to measures it may implement, the following suggestions are offered:
•Renewal of a driver’s licence should not be automatic with the payment of the requisite fee, but rather it should be a process
•Applicants for renewal of licences should (a) rewrite the theory test. This test should be reviewed and updated to include the new laws and legislation governing the licence, and consequences for breaches of the licence. It is posited that holders of licences must be aware of the legalities involved in obtaining a licence (b) have the practical driving test (c) have vision and hearing tests done. Of course, this will increase the cost of renewal of the licence. This may serve as a deterrent for some
•The age at which a person can be licensed should be reviewed. It is felt that too many young, inexperienced persons are holders of licences
•For persons with breaches and who were before the courts, careful consideration should be given to renewal
•Repeat or frequent offenders should undergo a period of evaluation, even as their licences are suspended.
The issuance of a licence and the attendant right to be a licensed driver of a vehicle on the roadways carries serious responsibilities, maturity and trustworthiness. These cannot be taken lightly or ignored.

Shamshun Mohamed