GPF needs more psychologists, counsellors

In a recent episode of the “Police and You”, Guyana Police Force (GPF) Psychologist, Aliyah Cort shared that she believes that there is a need for more psychologists and counsellors within the Force.

Therapist/counsellor Aliyah Cort

She said that there is a need for “counsellors, there is need for persons to come and work along with the Force.”
Cort was appointed to the position of Psychologist by the GPF back in 2021, becoming the first person to take on the role.
Since her appointment, Cort has been making major steps in creating a healthy, comfortable environment, not only within the Force but within Guyana as a whole.
In the sit-down interview, she stated that she is dedicated to helping the people of Guyana, expressing how grateful she is that she was appointed to the position.
“I want to impart that knowledge into as many persons as I can. I want to help as much people as I can. I’m not taking this knowledge and going to another country and delivering that message there,” she said.
She said that currently, the GPF is working on establishing the department to employ more psychologists into the Force so that Police officers can get access to mental health services.
Cort alluded to how vital it is for men and women of the Force to have a healthy mental state so they can carry out their duties.
In September of last year, Cort coordinated a three-day psychology seminar along with Sergeant Timmerman in Region Three at Regional Headquarters, Leonora Police Station.
The courses at the seminar covered Empathy, Psychosocial Analysis, Mental Well-Being, Suicide and Emotional Intelligence.
In that same month, Cort once again coordinated a three days training session with ranks from Regional Division 4 C.
The training session was interactive. Various psychosocial skills were taught to the ranks that will assist them in doing their jobs more efficiently and effectively.