GPF seized 70 illegal weapons for 2021 – Top Cop

– rape cases increased by 55%

As the Guyana Police Force (GPF) continues its efforts to reduce violent crime in the country, it has confiscated more than 70 illegal weapons for the year thus far.
This was related by Police Commissioner Nigel Hoppie at the GPF’s Awards Ceremony and Annual Prize-Giving Ceremony held at the Police Officers’ Mess Annex at Eve Leary on Thursday.

Police Commissioner Nigel Hoppie

During his address, the acting Police Commissioner stated that, within this year, the Force has managed to reduce serious crimes by 21%, which is the highest decrease within the past 10 years.
“…this is in comparison to the same period last year… robbery-under-arms has also seen a decrease by 33.6%, while there has been a 19.5% decrease in the offence of murder…”, he said.
While there have been decreases in other serious crimes, the Commissioner said that for the period January to December 13th this year, there has been a 55.8% increase in rape. “…with figures of 181 last year, compared to 282 this year”, he said.
In addition, the Commissioner posited that, for this year, the Force discovered and destroyed 33 cannabis fields throughout the country. “This includes 1,680,980 plants, 383,144 grams of cannabis…”, he said.
Up to December 11, 2021, intensified traffic campaigns and the use of radar guns and breathalyzers have aided in the Police Force having a significant reduction of 31% in fatal accidents. That is 82 this year, and was 119 in 2020.
“…a consequential 31% decrease in fatalities. Eighty-nine this year, and 129 last year. Pedestrians and motorcyclists have been the major categories of road users who have lost their lives on the roadways. This year, with inattentiveness, 13 fatal accidents. Speeding, 32 fatal accidents, and driving under the influence, three fatal accidents”.
Hoppie further underscored that driving under the influence has been the main contributory cause of fatal accidents. He said traffic enforcement so far throughout the country has resulted in 10,705 cases of speeding, 712 cases of driving under the influence, and 2,010 for unlicensed drivers.
“We are working assiduously to also reduce the threat of domestic violence and trafficking-in-person that are crimes against the core human values… Our record indicates that, so far this year, the Police have received a total of 1,629 reports of domestic violence, compared to 1,489 during the same period last year”.
The Police Force has also dealt with seven cases of human trafficking, compared to two last year.
The Government of Guyana has been consistent with the strengthening of the country’s security sector, particularly in the Police Force. Hoppie said this has been upheld through the provision of the requisite resources, so that the Force has been in a position to effectively carry out its responsibilities.