GPF welcomes 28 new members after graduating from Berbice Academy

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) on Friday welcomed a new batch of 28 ranks who graduated from the Police Academy Berbice Campus, increasing its strength and overall capacity.
Over the past nine months, the ranks completed the rigorous but life-changing Course 41 ‘B’ at the Police Academy.
The Academy exposed the aspiring policemen to four modules during their stay, including Fundamentals of Policing Studies, Integrity and Ethics in Policing, Police Legislation, Regulation and Policies, Conflict Management, and Crisis Communication.
The evaluation for these courses was rigorous, and the benchmark for passing was 70 per cent.

The special awardees at the graduation on Friday

In addition, the ranks underwent intense physical training to assess their level of fitness, while also being exposed to information technology and basic English at the University of Guyana.
Friday’s simple but noteworthy graduation ceremony took place at the Officers’ Training Centre, Camp Road, Eve Leary.
Delivering the feature address, the Director of the GPF Academy, Superintendent Sonia Herbert, reminded the graduates of their responsibility not only to themselves, but to the communities in which they serve.
“The path you have chosen is not an easy one; it demands a lot of integrity, courage, and an unwavering amount of dedication,” she cautioned.
“You are not just enforcers, but you are guardians; building trust and rapport with the communities in which you serve is paramount,” Superintendent Herbert further implored the ranks.

The new members of the GPF and senior ranks

She stressed that fostering open communication, understanding people’s concerns, and working collaboratively with the community would benefit both the police and the public.
Five ranks have been recognized for their exceptional performances, including Best Student, Runner-up Student, Most Improved Student, Best Drill, and Valedictorian. These individuals have not only excelled in their training, but have also set a high standard for their peers, inspiring them to strive for excellence.
The Best Graduating Student Award was bestowed upon Constable Simeon McBean, with Constable Julion Clarke as runner-up. Constable Delquan Lewis was awarded the prize for the Most Improved Rank, while Constable Tyrece Sears was awarded for Best Drill and Constable Tuan Marcus was the Valedictorian.