3-day GPS exhibition set for September 29 to October 1

A three-day exhibition aimed at showcasing the ‘talents’ of inmates from the various prisons across the country will be hosted from September 29 to October 1 at the National Cultural Centre Tarmac, Hadfield Street, Georgetown.
The initiative forms part of the 40th Thanksgiving Anniversary of the Guyana Prison Service (GPS).

Some of the items made by inmates

Under the theme “Promoting Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Prisoners,” the exhibition will provide inmates with a platform to express their commitment to their families and society and to showcase their talent in various areas.
Director of Prisons, Nicklon Elliot said the exhibition will also give some insight into the positive developments that have been going on in the prison system.
“This exhibition will not only showcase the positive developments, but it will also showcase the depth of innovation and creativity by the inmates,” Elliot explained in a release to the media.
The Prison Head added, “the Prison system is progressively being transformed from an institution focused on crime and punishment to one that is focused on criminal justice, correction and rehabilitation.”
Booths will showcase various items ranging from tailoring, arts and crafts, leathercraft, agriculture, cosmetology, culinary arts, training, events décor and carpentry.
Prior to the exhibition, Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn will deliver the feature address at the Service’s Thanksgiving Anniversary and Church Service.
However, the event will culminate with the Prisons in Concert programme at the National Cultural Centre where inmates will further showcase their talents in the form of dance, song, poetry and stand-up comedy.
Elliot pointed out that the prison directorate has opted for such proactive exercises to further empower inmates and encourage the preservation of the many talents within the prisons.
“What you will see is the revelation of some really talented people. It will be an evening full of fun and really uplifting for the inmates, taking into consideration their circumstances.”
The event will bring the curtains down on the Guyana Prison Service’s 40th Thanksgiving Anniversary celebrations. The public is encouraged to support this event, which is free at cost. The Prisons in Concert is billed for 18:00h.