GPSU: “We are apolitical”

Dear Editor,
In response to a letter published in <<Guyana Times>> newspaper of January 1, 2022, allow me first to congratulate the writer, Ms. Shondell Watson-Park, or whoever it was that assumed the nom de plume, for trying to test the integrity and/or professionalism of the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) in the matter related to the passing of the National Resource Fund Bill 2021.
I must, regardless, suggest to the writer that rushing to judgment is certainly not a quality one should inculcate, as this leaves openings for litigation, and, as demonstrated in this case, betrays the insidious underlying intentions of the mind.
The writer intended to besmirch the character, credibility and integrity of the GPSU, which is an apolitical organisation that does everything to ensure good governance for our country and peoples, irrespective of ethnicity.
The writer is maliciously misleading when she indicates, “The Union has always had a tarnishing accusatory reputation of always saying exactly what the APNU+AFC says….”
I challenge the writer and the Editor, who selected the sordid caption, to disprove that the GPSU has always advocated good governance, irrespective of which Government is in power, and has always defended professional conduct and public services. It is because of these attributes that the GPSU has suffered at the hands of both the APNU/AFC and PPP/C Governments, unlike some Trade Unions that are openly aligned to political parties and become their mouthpieces.
To deal with the issue of the Union’s defence of its members and/or Public Servants, be it known that this is not done on a “jump to conclusion basis.” As a matter of principle, and for workers’ protection, the GPSU actively investigated the matter concerning Eon Mc. Pherson, Personal Assistant to the Speaker, even though this employee is not a member of the Union.
This matter has been discussed with Parliament Office staffers, who have offered no evidence to support “kicked, molested and hurled with racial slurs” by “any Member of Parliament.”
Now, given that Ms. Watson-Park has definitively stated that this occurred, the GPSU would be most grateful if she could urgently provide related evidential material to aid the Union in its investigations.
Nevertheless, please remember that those “who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

Yours sincerely,
Dawn Gardener
1st Vice President
for President/CEO