Grandson confesses to dumping pensioner’s body after panicking

– claims her death was an accident

The 27-year-old grandson who was arrested in connection with the murder of his 88-year-old grandmother has since confessed to wrapping the woman’s body in a sheet and dumping it among the garbage after he panicked. He also claimed that the elderly woman’s death was an accident.
Yonick Gilpin, unemployed, during interrogation reportedly told investigators that his now-dead grandmother, Patricia Bovell, would often accuse him of stealing her personal things, and that he had made several complaints to other relatives but they told him that she was old and that he should not take her on.
The grandson, however, recalled that on the morning of Sunday, March 19, at around 04:00h, he was in the bottom flat of their shared Russel Street, Georgetown home when he heard a sound emanating from the upper flat, which the elderly woman occupied alone.
As he went to enquire, he heard his grandmother screaming “Murder!” and “Thief!”, but after checking around, he did not see or hear anything unusual.
He recalled that at the time his grandmother did not have on any clothes, and she was sitting on the floor with her dentures close by.
Gilpin explained that as he was leaving the upper flat, his left foot accidentally struck his grandmother in the head, thus causing her to fall onto a rug on the floor, where she sustained injuries.
At that time, he realized that the woman was motionless and she was not responding. He reportedly panicked, wrapped the woman’s body in a sheet, took it down the stairway and placed it on an old fridge.
Still in shock and fear, the man waited until the course was clear before he took the body and dumped it among the garbage across the street from the house.
However, his cousin went to the house hours after the incident and enquired about the elderly woman, but the grandson reportedly told him that he had taken her to the Georgetown Public Hospital after she complained of feeling unwell.
Checks at the hospital for the woman proved futile. As such, the suspect was arrested, and upon initial questioning, he related the same story he told his cousin.
Meanwhile, Bovell’s body was discovered on Wednesday morning. It was following the discovery that the grandson confessed to the crime.
Some relatives had told this newscast that the grandson was often abusive towards the elderly woman, but she refused to put him out of the house. The elderly woman had three children, but only one is alive and resides overseas.