Granger and “the Big Lie”

Dear Editor,
Guyana is forever indebted to her true son of the soil, Dave Martins, not only because of his brave stand against “Riggersville,” but primarily so because of his popular tune “Famous Lies”, sung with the pure West Indian rhythm of the “Tradewinds.”
Guyanese are astonishingly amazed that he had the vision and foresight to compose the theme of that rollicking tune that conceptualises humorous happenings generations ago and articulates the lyrical verbatim which are essentially so pertinent to the essence of today’s society in good old Guyana.
Lying, cheating, deceiving, dishonesty, fooling, tongue-twisting, hiding, wearing different masks and hats, and masquerading as an angel in the day and devil at night are the pillars which laid a solid foundation to form the cornerstone for rigging, racism, rottenness, fraud, falsity, foxiness, coalition, collusion, corruption, misappropriation, malfeasance and misdemeanors.
Like they say, “Who fits the cap draws the string”, and the leader of the pack who qualifies for this infamous honour is no one else but, yes, of course, the one and only Mr. David Granger. He relentlessly, viciously and cunningly pursued vigorously and consciously a devious campaign factoring a slew of shenanigans, impropriety and mischief. Endorsing, empathising and enacting the heredity of propaganda, division and confusion, the past president’s ingenuity reflects a consolidation of collaboration and conviction, sincere to the ideals of fomenting political contention, social ruckus and economic chaos.
As a result of the APNU/AFC party “winning” the 2015 election (a PPP/C party petition is still rotting in court, and may never be heard), this occupation of governmental administration safely paved the pathway for control and personal distribution of state assets, the victimisation and eradication of any opposing elements, the replacement of non-cooperators, the appointment of party loyalists as reward for favours, the militarisation of strategic positions, and the manipulation of an overall structure which would guarantee the rise of dictatorship and the demise of democracy.
Underlying the importance of “looking like we” and “belonging to the party”, it became too obviously and blatantly clear why the Civil Service, all Government agencies, the Police Force and the Army reflected a ninety percent ethnic impartiality at the expense of other ethnicities. Such a robust plan ensured that transparency and accountability would play a role only in the dark room occupied by emptiness. This stifled the work of any serious auditing to reveal the order of the day, and prevented any law enforcement agencies from challenging corroborators. This device stagnated the independence of justice to be upheld and authenticated rules and regulations to be broken, overruled and avoided. Its methodology confirmed the fear and apprehension that the APNU/AFC party’s ultimate aim and objective was to remain and retain political power at any cost, regardless of chick or child, man or woman, national or international force.
An exercise that was systematically stretched over only a short period of time generated a combustion of energetic and unscrupulous implementation from the very inception of domination, starting with the ludicrous and exorbitant salary and allowance increases for parliamentarians. This was followed by the thousands of political appointees who did little or no work for the state, worked primarily for the APNU/AFC party, or were only on the books drawing down humongous salaries and wages. Secrecy became the order of the day, and an entire nation was kept at bay and in the dark as to the true state of affairs of the people, party and politics. This sneaky concealment was for the eyes and ears of a few selected men and women who were privileged to be loyally sworn into royalty.
US$18, which converts to almost Gy$4 billion, is a lot of money, and the country’s business is every Guyanese business. It should not have been hidden from the public nose. Misinforming or not informing the nation voluntarily only says one thing, and that is a mouthful. Making secret and shady deals at the expense of the man in the street in Guyana is not welcome, and is unfortunate to the good health of the nation and its citizens. Wining and dining at the table of exploiters supports the speculation of sufferers surviving in poverty.
Accepting a contract of 2 percent royalty depicts highway robbery and highlights the trend of “fee-fie-foe-fum” to provide the smell of non-Guyanese blood. The providers of this scheme dug their own hole, but, sadly, it is an entire country which will sink. Our friendly neighbours, the intelligent, smart and astute Surinamese, certainly belittled the haughtiness of our bombastic academics, politicians and attorneys, who are supposed to be brilliant and honest international negotiators, as aggressors and not pacifiers. Our august defenders of Guyana’s interests were pupils from the imminent school of “Tomfoolery.”
We should remember the words of Sir Winston Churchill, the British “Bulldog” and past Prime Minister of England, who noted that, “In wartime, the truth must be preserved with a body of lies.” In 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain met with German Chancellor Adolf Hitler to find a diplomatic way to avoid war. Adolf Hitler assured Chamberlain that war could be avoided if Czechoslovakia would agree to redraw its border. Chamberlain agreed, and announced to the British Parliament that Hitler “means what he says.” Hitler took the opposite action. It is one of humanity’s most shocking lies.
Richard Nixon had to resign from the American Presidency because the truth was disclosed about his lies to cover up his misdeeds regarding the Watergate scandal. Bill Clinton lied under oath when he said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Junior George Bush lied in 2003 when he said, “We have discovered weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.” In 1988, the senior Bush made the now infamous statement, “Read my lips. No new taxes.”
The big lie technique is a way of life in Guyana. God save and help Guyana from the lawyers and laymen who are legal liars.

Jai Lall