Granger is seeking to…

Mr Granger went on to speak about the NICIL $30B bond for the industry which, he said, is aimed at re-balancing the industry. On this matter, he should be the last to speak. The President, in June this year, during his visit to Albion Estate, said: “We are going to ensure that that money comes in a timely manner and in sufficient amounts.” It is now December and the money has stopped coming altogether according to GuySuCo. Mr Marks indicated to the President that the bond proceeds were not intended for wages and salaries. Again, President Granger averted the question and spoke about the Management of the industry which our Union has some concerns about.
Mr Granger is seeking to avoid, like the plague, the sugar industry and the situation of the sugar workers. Prior to the election as President, in an interview, he said: “…we want to save the sugar industry, we want to save the livelihoods of sugar workers…” Today, he is in the driver’s seat and his actions are much louder and clearer than his words. Indeed, his deeds speak a mouthful.
Today, while he refuses to even answer whether his Government could assist the sugar workers, his response is unequivocal. He has not a care for the sugar workers, their families and their communities. This year, while he and his big wigs will have a happy and jolly time, the workers and their families and their communities will once again be darkened. Their hopes of a bright season dashed as the Grinch, Mr Granger, has once again stolen Christmas from them.

Yours faithfully,
Seepaul Narine
General Secretary