Granger’s cowardly rejection of Carter Center

Dear Editor,
In 1992, The Carter Center was welcomed to Guyana and they helped us transition from a PNC dictatorship to democracy. In 2020, a new PNC/APNU/AFC dictatorship has emerged and has rejected the presence of The Carter Center. It is disgraceful, brazen and criminal to reject The Carter Center and the IRI from observing the recount. As the High Commissioner from Canada asked, why do they want to stop The Carter Center from coming? Anyone wants to bet the OAS, the Commonwealth, the US Congress and Senate, the ABCE countries are all asking this question?
The answer is simple, they still harbour the egregious hope they can rig the results of the elections and they want to do so with as few eyes as possible watching and the least experienced observers present. But their hope to rig the recount is rapidly dissipating. Already, the recount has shown the original Statements of Poll (SoPs) are accurate and already the new Statements of Recounts (SoRs) have confirmed Mingo and the GECOM Secretariat rigged the results from Region Four. Their hope now is to rig the final tabulation of the final results. They will fail, but they still are hopeful they will succeed. That is why they do not want The Carter Center and that is why they are playing games, one minute insisting the elections were free and fair and another minute, elections must be voided because there were too many flaws. The truth is, after this mess is finally sorted out, Guyana will again transition from a dictatorship to a democracy, with or without The Carter Center.
David Granger asked the people of Guyana for a second chance as Guyana’s President, presenting himself as decent, honest and a man of integrity. In February 2020, I rejected this claim, showing that far from this persona, David Granger is an indecent, dishonest man with no integrity. I refused the Ministry of the Presidency’s demand for an apology and, in fact, responded with further reasons for describing Granger as indecent, dishonest and lacking integrity. He has also shown without any doubt that he is a coward. His rejection of the request by The Carter Center to travel to Guyana to observe the election recount is an act of cowardice. Why is he is so afraid of The Carter Center? Why is it that Granger and APNU/AFC is so “chicken”? It is, of course, because they still harbour hopes of rigging the recount.
The Carter Center has observed 111 elections in 39 countries around the world, including every election in Guyana since 1992. It is unfathomable that David Granger and APNU/AFC rejected three times, the requests from The Carter Center to observe the recount for the March 2, 2020 General and Regional Elections. If there is nothing to hide, if you do not have some wicked, sinister plans to rig the recount, just like you did the original tabulation of the results, why are you so morbidly afraid of a respected organisation like The Carter Center? It is puzzling, but it is also the height of stupidity to claim you won the elections, but want to declare yourself the winner in a jiggery-pokery scam game. Anyone that knows they genuinely won this election would want the imprimatur of The Carter Center, the OAS, the Commonwealth.
Only once before has The Carter Center been rejected by a country for election observation. In 2013, Mugabe and Zimbabwe rejected a request from The Carter Center to observe elections there. The Carter Center has observed elections in some of the most difficult places, the most recent being in Venezuela. But among the many disgraceful things Guyana is known for under the PNC/APNU/AFC is now the rejection of the premier, most respected election observation body in the world. They rejected The Carter Center just because they are afraid they will not get away with the slimmest chance they have to rig the results.
Granger, the boss rigger, and his APNU/AFC rigging cabal, are gambling. They think they can dismiss the local observers and the diplomatic corp as biased observers and they are hoping that the Caricom team will stand with them. They are gambling that the silent acquiescence of Caricom during the 28 years of PNC dictatorship and during the No-Confidence Motion will continue during this recount. But Mia Mottley, the Barbadian Prime Minister, and the former Prime Ministers from Barbados and Jamaica, who headed the OAS and the Commonwealth teams, have dramatically transitioned Caricom’s posture from uncomfortable silence and toleration to stern rejection of dictatorship and rigged elections in Guyana. Still, Granger is gambling the Caricom observers will turn a blind eye to the rigging of the final tabulation.

Dr Leslie Ramsammy