Granny denies being raped

…suspects released from custody

In a shocking twist, the 98-year-old woman from Rose Hall Town, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), who was allegedly raped on February 23, has said that she was never sexually assaulted.
According to a statement by the Guyana Police Force, “both the virtual complainant and the suspects were interviewed intensely with no useful information obtained. The virtual complainant – in the presence of a social worker and detectives – vehemently denies being sexually assaulted.”
As such, the four suspects who were in custody have since been released and are required to report to the station until the matter concludes.
It was previously reported that on the morning of February 23, the elderly woman’s neighbour went to the woman’s home to wake her up so that they could go out.
However, she explained that as she arrived at the home, she observed that the door was open, and immediately thought that something was amiss.
She also found a glass containing alcohol on the step.
As such, she called out for the elderly woman, who responded that “them boys come in and beat me up”. She said that the elderly woman related that the men choked her.
The neighbour related that as the elderly woman showed herself and her injuries, it was then she realised that the nonagenarian’s face was swollen and there were bruises about her body. She immediately took a photo and alerted the caretaker.
Upon the caregiver’s arrival, and in attending to the victim, she observed that the elderly woman was very traumatised. At this time, she also noticed what appeared to be blood on the victim’s clothing and bedspread.
The caregiver immediately reported her suspicions via a call to the Police after which she accompanied the victim to the Port Mourant Public Hospital, where a medical was done.
Police in a statement on the following day revealed that four persons were taken into custody.
Those arrested were a 38-year-old fisherman, a 53-year-old labourer, a 23-year-old labourer, and a 24-year-old labourer, all of Rose Hall Town. (G15)