Gravity’s Silent Headphones Party: Quiet events are making a lot of noise!

Put your headphones on and watch as the epic dance battle begins! Take them off and stare in wonder as partygoers sing along to total silence! The Silent Headphones Parties concept is a growing trend taking over the world and it just arrived on Guyana’s shores.
Last weekend, Gravity Lounge hosted the first ever party of this kind in Guyana and it was a huge success. silent silent 2
A silent party is where people cut lose to music listened to on wireless headphones instead of speaker systems. And the best part is, you get to choose from different channels of music!
Watch as your friend throws it back to old dub ‘step music’ while you break it down to the latest tracks. it’s the most hilarious thing to experience.
Gravity Lounge General Manager Navin Singh never expected the event over the weekend to be such a major success, with close to 600 in attendance.
Having never experienced a silent headphones party too, he was completely blown away when the event kick started and the DJs began to drop their tracks.
For those who missed the first Silent Headphones Party, Gravity Lounge is expected to host another pretty soon.