GTT Fibre to be available to 75% of homes by 2024

…over 95,000 households already equipped

Telecommunication giant, Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT) has set a goal of making its Fibre service available for 75 per cent of Guyanese homes by 2024.

GTT CEO Damian Blackburn

In its announcement on Tuesday, the company acknowledged that superior high-speed internet experience and growing economies are linked to the reliability of connectivity, both at home and in the office. GTT said it understands this and is focused on reliably connecting its customers by rapidly rolling out GTT Fibre to as many communities as possible.
Chief Executive Officer Damian Blackburn stated, “By 2024, on top of the 22 billion Guyanese dollars invested in Fibre in Guyana so far, we will have invested an additional 10 billion dollars to ensure three out of every four households in Guyana can choose GTT Fibre.”
Chief Operating Officer of GTT’s Home Solutions and Fixed Network, Eshwar Thakurdin also positioned, “Fibre is no longer the future; it is the now.”
Since the launch of GTT Fibre in September 2021, the company has made it available to over 25,000 new homes in 36 communities. Over 45 per cent of Guyanese homes can now choose to experience Fibre, a feat many operators and countries in North America and Europe have failed to achieve.
Communities equipped with GTT Fibre in the last year include Amelia’s Ward, Tucber Park, Adelphi Settlement, Best Village, Vreed-en-Hoop, Plantain Walk, Non-Pareil, Supply Village, Helena No 1, Bygeval, Good Hope, Diamond, Grove, Vigilance, Friendship, Strathspey, Bladen Hall, Buxton, Melanie, Annandale, Bachelors Adventure, Section C Enterprise, Coldingen, Enterprise Gardens, Enterprise Hymac Scheme, Leonora, Cornelia Ida, Anna Catherina, Edinburgh, Groenveldt, Stewartville, Uitvlugt, Versailles, Pouderoyen, Malgre Tout and Good Fortuin. All of this adds up to over 95,000 homes being passed in Guyana with GTT Fibre by the end of August.
The company expects to pass the 100,000-mark shortly and promises in September to bring the GTT Fibre experience to the county of Berbice in New Amsterdam & Rose Hall communities.
Thakurdin continued, “We are very proud that GTT Fibre is being built by Guyanese for the Guyanese. More than 90 per cent or 150 of our highly trained Fibre technicians and engineers are Guyanese. This will increase in the future as we launched a 20-strong apprentice programme this year and we agreed with the GPTWU union to retrain all our current team with Fibre skills.”
Since the launch of GTT Fibre a year ago, GTT has enhanced the value for money in its packages, bringing faster internet speeds and the ground-breaking GTT Fibre + Voice service including the ability to migrate a landline number and receive free minutes and calling features. Reliability is increased through affordable Plume Wi-Fi mesh solution and Power backup solution options. (G12)